Miss Global is an extravagant and prestigious competition beyond just the physical beauty of women from all over the world. The contestants are encouraged to express their individuality with poise, grace, and wits. Being the Winner of Miss Global, a beauty and cultural pageant, is being a sponsor of goodwill, a trendsetter for leadership, and an ambassador for beauty and cultural diversity. The launching of the official Miss Global beauty pageant will set the new standards for a wider age range and a more diverse selection of qualified female participants between the ages of 18-35. Although the reign of Miss Global is a year long, this remarkable Queen will travel throughout the world to participate in charitable fundraisers while promoting the beauty, intelligence, and charm of women throughout the world. She will have a once in a life time opportunity to gain innumerable contacts, lifelong friendship, and endless support from diverse communities that will advance her status beyond imaginable outlooks. Miss Global started in 2013.


2013 Emily Kiss – Canada
2014 Ela Mino – Canada
2015 Jessica Peart – Australia
2016 Angela Bonilla – Ecuador
2017 Barbara Juliana de Melo Vitorelli – Brazil

*Two-Peat : Canada (2013 and 2014).


Miss Global 2013 is the first ever Miss Global pageant was held on August 3, 2013 at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Centre in California. 35 contestants competed for the crown. The winner was Emily Kiss of Canada.

Winner: Canada (Emily Kiss)
1st Runner-up: Armenia (Emilia Zoryan)
2nd Runner-up: England (Joanna Hill)
3rd Runner-up: India (Apneet Mann)
4th Runner-up: Gabon (Reine Abahala)

4th Runner-up: Gabon (Reine Abahala) | 1st Runner-up: Armenia (Emilia Zoryan) | Winner: Canada (Emily Kiss) | 2nd Runner-up: England (Joanna Hill) | 3rd Runner-up: India (Apnet Mann)

Miss Fitness: Australia (Emily Rogers)
Miss Photogenic: Armenia (Emilia Zoryan)
Miss Enterprise: India (Apneet Mann)
Miss Congeniality: Russia (Natasha Gulina)
Miss Fashion: Egypt (Sarah Eissa)
Miss Talent: Vietnam (Tran Khanh)

Miss Global 2013 Canada (Emily Kiss)



Miss Global 2014 is the second annual pageant was held on December 19 on the Crown Princess cruise ship travelling from Los Angeles to Mexico via Puerto Valla. 19 contestants competed for the crown. The winner was Ela Mino of Canada.

Winner: Canada (Ela Mino)
1st Runner-up: Australia (Elise Natalie Duncan)
2nd Runner-up: Philippines (Catherine Almirante)
3rd Runner-up: Kazakhstan (Aizhan Lighg)
4th Runner-up: Sri Lanka (Benazir Thaha)

3rd Runner-up: Kazakhstan (Aizhan Lighg) | 1st Runner-up: Australia (Elise Natalie Duncan) | Winner: Canada (Ela Mino) | 2nd Runner-up: Philippines (Catherine Almirante) | 4th Runner-up: Sri Lanka (Benazir Thaha)

Best in National Costume: Philippines (Catherine Almirante)
Best in Evening Gown: Philippines (Catherine Almirante)
Miss Fashion: Philippines (Catherine Almirante)
Miss Fitness: Australia (Elise Natalie Duncan)

Miss Global 2014 Canada (Ela Mino)




MISS GLOBAL 2015 is the third annual pageant held on October 22, 2015 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila, Philippines. The winner was Jessica Peart of Australia.

Winner: AUSTRALIA (Jessica Peart)
1st runner-up: CAMBODIA
2nd runner-up: IRELAND (Lorna Murphy)
3rd runner-up: BULGARIA (Gergana Doncheva)
4th runner-up: PHILIPPINES (Candice Ramos)

3rd Runner-up: Bulagaria | 2nd Runner-up: Ireland | Winner: Australia (Jessica Peart) | 1st Runner-up: Cambodia | 4th Runner-up: Philippines (Candice Ramos)


CLICK HERE for Miss Global 2015 Complete Results


MISS GLOBAL 2016 is the fourth annual pageant held on September 24, 2016 at the Philippines International Convention Center, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. The winner was Angela Bonilla of Ecuador.

Winner: ECUADOR (Angela Bonilla)
1st Runner-up: PHILIPPINES (Camille Cj Hirro)
2nd Runner-up: AUSTRALIA (Caitlynn Henry)
3rd Runner-up: CZECH REPUBLIC (Nikola Bechynova)
4th Runner-up: NORWAY (Britt Roselyn Camillo Rekkedal)

3rd Runner-up: Czech Republic (Nikola Bechynova) | 2nd Runner-up: Armenia (Emilia Zoryan) | Winner: Ecuador (Angela Bonilla) | 1st Runner-up: Philippines (Cj Hirro) | 4th Runner-up: Norway (Britt Roselyn Camillo Rekkedal)

CLICK HERE for Miss Global 2016 Complete Results

MISS GLOBAL 2017 is the 5th annual pageant held on November 17, 2017 at Koh Pich Performing Arts Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The winner was Barbara Juliana de Melo Vitorelli of Brazil.

Winner: BRAZIL (Barbara Juliana de Melo Vitorelli)
1st Runner-up: BAHAMAS (Tenielle Adderley)
2nd Runner-up: GERMANY (Selina Kriechbaum)
3rd Runner-up: SOMALILAND (Ayan Said)
4th Runner-up: CHINA (Lily Wu)

3rd Runner-up: Somaliland (Ayan Said) | 1st Runner-up: Bahamas (Tenielle Adderley) | Winner: Brazil (Barbara Juliana de Melo Vitorelli) | 2nd Runner-up: Germany (Selina Kriechbaum) | 4th Runner-up: China (Lily Wu)

Top 11
-Cambodia – Wildcard

Top 20
-Czech Republic
-South Africa

Best in National Costume:
1st: Chile (Maria Tello Duarte)
2nd: Thailand (Sukanya Samut)
3rd: Philippines (Mary Ann Mungcal)

Best in Swimsuit:
1st: Australia (Sofia Harris)
2nd: Bahamas (Tenielle Adderley)
3rd: Thailand (Sukanya Samut)

Best Evening Gown:
1st: Australia (Sofia Harris)
2nd: Mexico (Karla Penichi)
3rd: Ukraine (Viktoriya Mikhno)

Miss Ganzberg:
1st: Philippines (Mary Ann Mungcal)
2nd: Cambodia (Paulina Yos)
3rd: Indonesia (Cynthia Monica Rizkyawati)

Miss Photogenic: Vietnam (Vindy Krejci)
Miss Congeniality: Congo (Rebecca Bakhole)
Miss Fitness: Lebanon (Bianca Eid)
Miss Goodwill: Bulgaria (Elena Burbuchukova)
Miss Popularity: Indonesia (Cynthia Monica Rizkyawati)
Miss Fashion: Thailand (Sukanya Samut)
Miss Talent: Sri Lanka (Roja Santhakumaran)
Best National Beauty (Facebook vote): Cambodia (Paulina Yos)


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