Miss Earth 2017 was the 17th edition of Miss Earth pageant, held on November 4, 2017 at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. Katherine Espín of Ecuador crowned Karen Ibasco of the Philippines as her successor. This is the fourth time Philippines won Miss Earth.
Miss Earth 2017 :  Philippines – Karen Ibasco
Miss Earth – Water 2017 :  Colombia – Juliana Franco
Miss Earth – Fire 2017 :  Russia – Lada Akimova
Miss Earth – Air 2017 :  Australia – Nina Robertson
Top 8
  Czech Republic – Iva Uchytilová
  Netherlands – Faith Landman
  Thailand – Paweensuda Drouin
  Venezuela – Ninoska Vásquez
Top 16
  Angola – Ermelinda De Matos
  Bosnia & Herzegovina – Lela Karagić
  Cameroon – Angele Kossinda
  Guatemala – Maria José Castañeda
  Switzerland – Sarah Laura Peyrel
  Tonga – Diamond Langi
  USA – Andreia Gibau
  Vietnam – Le Thi Ha Thu


Final Question: Who or What do you think is the biggest enemy of Mother Earth and Why?

Philippines – Karen Ibasco : “I believe that the real problem is not climate change, the real problem is us, because of our ignorance and apathy. What we have to do is to start changing our ways, to start recalibrating our minds and redirecting our steps. Because together as a global community, our micro efforts will have a macroeffect to help save our home, our planet.”



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