♛MISS ECO INTERNATIONAL 2017 is CANADA – Amber Bernachi♛

MISS ECO INTERNATIONAL 2017 is the 3rd edition of the annual female beauty contest held on April 14, 2017 in the Maritim Jolie Ville International Convention Center in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The contest previously known as Miss Eco Queen in 2015 and Miss Eco Universe in 2016. To become standardized and to join the new Countries, the organization changed the name of the competition to meet the demands of international competitions.  Miss Eco Universe 2016 Natalia Carvajal from Costa Rica crowned Amber Bernachi from Canada as her successor. 55 countries competed for this year edition.

Winner: Canada – Amber Bernachi
1st Runner-up: Pakistan – Anzhelika Tahir
2nd Runner-up: Belgium – Fenne Verrecas
3rd Runner-up: Vietnam – Nguyễn Thành
4th Runner-up:  Belarus – Anastasiya Kaptsiuh

TOP 10:
Indonesia – Annisa Nusyirwan
Moldova – Anastasia Fotachi
Panama – Ayhemeis Henríquez
Russia – Miroslava Kvashnina
Ukraine – Natalia Varchenko

TOP 21:
South Africa – Temieke Strecher
Chile – Fernanda Caro
China – Xin Zhao
Philippines – Ramona Yamat
Japan – Hitomi Sato
Malta – Maria Ellul
Mauritius – Elisa Rosse
Mexico – Verónica Vallejo
Myanmar – May Mayat Noe
Montenegro – Kristina Mitrovic
Thailand – Chanita Jantanet

Special Award:
Miss Smile: Thailand – Chanita Jantanet

Miss Eco Continents:
Miss Eco Africa: Egypt – Rewan Alaa
Miss Eco America: United States – Anh Do
Miss Eco Latin America: Brazil – Stephany Pim
Miss Eco Asia: Bashkortostan – Kristina Eremeeva
Miss Eco Europe: Portugal – Diana Santos

Miss Eco Embassador: Spain – Marta Lorenzo
Best Eco Dress: Indonesia – Annisa Nusyirwan
Best Resort Dress:
Moldova – Anastasia Fotachi
Miss Digital: Philippines – Ramona Yamat
Best Tourist Video: Greece – Mellisa Rizos
Miss Talent: Belarus – Anastasiya Kaptsiuh
Miss Fitness: Paraguay – Coca Notary
Best Traditional Costume: Panama – Ayhemeis Henríquez

Photo Credit to Miss Eco International Facebook Page


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