Mister International 2016, is the 11th edition of the Mister International pageant that was held on February 13, 2017 at The Stage @ Asiatique the Riverfront in Bangkok, Thailand. Pedro Mendes of Switzerland crowned his successor Paul Iskandar of Lebanon at the end of the event. 35 contestants competed for the crown.

Paul Iskandar is the 3rd Mister International title of Lebanon after Ali Hammoud in 2012 (the 7th Mr International) and Wissam Hanna in 2006 (the 1st ever Mr International)

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11th Mister International Winner LEBANON – Paul Iskandar
11th Mister International 1st Runner-up JAPAN – Masaya Yamagishi
11th Mister International 1st Runner-up ITALY – Vinicio Modolo

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Top 16 semifinalists

ITALY – Vinicio Modolo
INDIA – Mudit Malhotra
SRI LANKA – Daniel De Zilva
BRAZIL – Ivo Cavalcanti
LATVIA – Matiss Pastars
SPAIN – Daniel Torres
LEBANON – Paul Iskandar
NETHERLANDS – Chris Veltkamp
THAILAND – Kittikun Tansuhat
VENEZUELA – Walfred Crespo
JAPAN – Masaya Yamagishi
AUSTRALIA – James Carne
MEXICO – Manoly Diaz
VIETNAM – Nguyen Tien Dat


Special Awards

Mister Photogenic – Puerto Rico
Oxin Films Mister Telegenic – Sri Lanka
Best National Costume – Nepal
Gets Emperor Best Model Look – Japan
Missosology People’s Choice – Philippines
Mister Congeniality – Australia


Photos Credit to Missosology & Mister International FB Pages


My Final HotPicks



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