Congratulations to our Events2images No1 Prediction to win the first ever Man of The Year title ♚Karan Singhdole♚ of the Philippines…. held on August 20, 2016 in Pekanbaru, Indonesia.

Philippines - Karan Singhdole


Man of the Year 2016: Karan Singhdole PHILIPPINES
1st Runner-up: Tarek Moaykel LEBANON
2nd Runner-up: Tim Bertrams NETHERLANDS
3rd Runner-up: Trịnh Xuân Nhản VIETNAM
4th Runner-up: Arirefai INDONESIA

Man of the Year 2016 MASCULINE: Antonio PM SPAIN
Man of the Year 2016 MANLY: Abhishek Shah INDIA
Man of the Year 2016 MODERN: Htoo Ant Lwin MYANMAR
Man of the Year 2016 MASTERLY: Sandeep Pokhrel NEPAL
Man of the Year 2016 MINDFUL: Jan Vurm CZECH REPUBLIC
Best National Costume 2016: Edison Chua MALAYSIA

Man of The Year 2016 World Final Judges
1. Elkana Gunawan Tanuwidjaja
2. Dewi Bidan
3. Nursasongko Soegijatno (Coverage – Indonesian Pageants)
4. Pawee Ventura (Coverage – Missosology)
5. Raymond Djambek



z HotPicks final

Events2images Man of The Year 2016 FINAL HOTPICKS by Michael Ralph Montejo… Finals is on August 20, 2016 in Pekanbaru, Indonesia.

01♚PHILIPPINES – Karan Singhdole
02♚SPAIN – Antonio PM
03♚LEBANON – Tarek Moaykel

04 NETHERLANDS – Tim Bertrams
05 CZECH REP. – Jan Vurm
06 INDONESIA – Arirefai

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