The X Factor continues this weekend, and it’s time for Judges’ Houses. However, this is no normal Judges’ Houses stage of the competition, as it is pretty brutal.

Every year, the Judges’ Houses stage of the show is quite a nail biter, because the acts have to be cut in half – Top 6 get turned into a Top 3, and it must be horrible to lose out just before the Live Shows.

Well, to make matters even worse this year, Simon Cowell and The X Factor team have decided to gather the acts in the X Factor studio and announce the results LIVE on air. So they won’t have any time to prepare, and they will have to react to the news live on the TV, which must be an awful feeling.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s Groups have battled it out to win over their mentor, and Simon Cowell’s Overs did their best to show Simon they have what it takes to make it in the competition, but it all came down to this evening and the live broadcast.

Cheryl has some pretty talented groups in her category this year, as 4th Impact – formerly 4th Power nailed the performance at Judges’ Houses. New Kings Order are pretty good together as well, they’re just very cheesy and need a bit of help in terms of direction, but the important thing is that they have the talent – all of them can sing…

Prior to Cheryl making her final decision, each of the contestants had a couple of seconds to tell Cheryl why they should make it through to the Live Shows.

Melody Stone: “We believe there is a gap for us in the market and there has never been a contestant like us in the contest before”.

New Kings Order: “We know how hard we have worked and we know how hard we are going to work”

Alien Uncovered: “We are so grateful to be here. We have had so much fun”.

BEKLN Mile: “We want this so badly. We are BEKLN Mile”.

4th impact: “We have been singing our whole lives and we have been through a lot of challenges and we are still here fighting but not just for our dreams but for our lives. We are not only here to entertain people but we are also here to inspire people”.

Reggie N Bollie: “We are going to bring it every weekend. We have been chasing this for so many years”.

Cheryl then decided to take 4th Impact, Alien Uncovered, AND Reggie N Bollie!

Source: www.unrealitytv.co.uk



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