On Day 113, Karla and the The Teen Big 4, Ylona Jade Garcia, Franco Rodriguez, Hendrix “Jimboy” Martin, and Bailey Thomas May, were instructed by big Brother to create a set of nominees by nominating three housemates with one point each. Richard Ching Juan 23, Miho Nishida 22 and Tommy Esguerra 21. At the same time the Vote to Save and Vote to Evict is back.

Richard and Miho was nominated for the second time while Tommy has been nominated for the third time.

On Day 119 (October 16, 2015), Richard Juan was evicted from Pinoy Big Brother 737 after accumulating the most lowest total votes of -21.25%. Tommy Esguerra was saved with 13.13% while Miho Nishida got the highest vote to save of 27.18%.

The Teen Big 4 joined the regular housemates in Kuya’s house at the end of September.




Z (5)

As of now, there 5 Regular Housemates remaining and one of them should leave the Big Brother House next week to determine the Regular Big4!.

Miho entered the PBB House on Day 51, nominated twice.
Z (6)

Tommy entered the PBB House on Day 77, 3 times nominated.
Z (4)

Dawn entered the PBB House on Day 50, nominated once but the nomination was cancelled due to Jyo’s Voluntary Exit.
Z (1)

Zeus entered the PBB House on Day 80, nominated once.
Z (3)

Roger entered the PBB House on Day 50, nominated once during the Big Yanig twist makes him automatically nominated along with Charlhone, Krizia, Mikee for losing their team in the two-day Food Fest. He was picked by the remaining safe housemates to saved.
Z (2)



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