Last night, the Top 10 finalists including Big T, Jimmy Davis, Cyrus Villanueva, Mahalia Simpson, Michaela Baranov, Georgia Denton, Natalie Conway, Louise Adams, Jess & Matt and In Stereo performed in the Top 10 Hits themed show.

CLICK HERE to watch their performances.

On the third Live Shows, it was announced that the artists are going to faced the double elimination. For the first time in the show’s history two artists will leave on the Live Decider.

However, this is the second time in the show’s history that the live decider will feature a bottom three. But one act who got the lowest public votes will be immediately eliminated while the other two will face off in the final showdown before the judges’ votes.

Below are the artists SAFE and still be performing on the 4th Live Shows next week:
1. Natalie Conway
2. Jess & Matt
3. Cyrus Villanueva
4. Michaela Baranov
5. Louise Adams
6. Big T
7. In Stereo
8. ?

The Bottom 3 artists are Mahalia Simpson and Georgia Denton of Dannii Girls category and Jimmy Davis of Chris Boys category. Georgia is in the bottom for the second time while Mahalia and Jimmy have it for the first time, but Georgia got the lowest public votes and was eliminated right away.

Georgia Denton (3rd Eliminated Artist)

On the Face-off, Mahalia sings Ella Fitzgerald’s “Summertime” and Jimmy Davis sings Elton John’s “Rocket Man”. Watch their Survival Performance below:

Judges Decision:
-Chris and Dannii both vote to defend their acts, but James and Guy votes to evict Jimmy making him as the 4th artists to be eliminated in the X Factor Australia.


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