The 2nd Episode of The X Factor UK 2015 Six Chair Challenge is not all about the Boys category, as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s Groups will also be sharing their limelight.

4th Power stunned us all during their first audition, and they have giving amazing performances ever since. We just think that there is just something special about them, and they have so much potential. Yes, their background may have been unearthed, and it may have been revealed they’ve been on quite a few shows in a similar fashion to The X Factor, but that doesn’t take away how much people have fallen in love with the girls over the past few weeks.

“X Factor is very huge for us; it is the biggest thing ever. This could change our lives. We are going out there fighting for our dream,” the girls said prior to their performance.

The girls decided to sing Christina Aguilera’s “Show Me How You Burlesque”, and if there is any group that could take on the mighty vocals of Xtina, it is 4th Power.

They’re so exciting, and they make us smile every time they set foot on stage. There’s just something about them. They could SHAKE up the music scene if they make it anywhere in the competition, but who is to say they’ll even make it to Judges’ Houses?

But, here’s what the judges thought…

Rita Ora: “It was absolute perfection. Your voices, your adlibs, you all had a moment to show off yourselves vocally.

Simon Cowell: “How would you girls like to join the Overs category? I think you are actually amazing. I think you need some help in terms of the directions of music you should be singing but I am thrilled you have chosen this show. I think the British public are going to fall in love with you”.

Cheryl FV: “You know what? I don’t think that you’re amazing….. I think that you are phenomenal”.

Then Cheryl give them the 4th Seat!

Watch their performance below:

To have a recap, Menn on Point started the group category with their cover of “Cheerleader” and get the 1st seat.

Next is Decibellas singing “Skyscraper” but failed to get a seat.

Alien put in the 2nd seat.

Rumour Has It got the 3rd seat.

4th Impact in the 4th seat…..

…then Mon Amie put in chair 5.

Last to perform this episode is The First Kings and got the 7th seat.

Will the 4th Power remain that Seat as there are still eight hopefuls wish to be part of Cheryl’s six final contestant in the Judges’ Houses?

Find Out Next Week!


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