Good News to my fellow Cyrus fans, he is still in the competition and part of Top10 X Factor Australia 2015. Below is the Live Recap of Top11 performances:

The top 11 contestants are Big T, Jimmy Davis, Cyrus Villanueva (Under 25 Boys); Natalie Conway, Louise Adams (Over 25s); Jess & Matt, In Stereo, The Fisher Boys (Groups); Mahalia Simpson, Michaela Baranov, Georgia Denton (Under 25 Girls).

CLICK HERE for Live Show 2 Performances.

The results are in for the second Live Show, below are the 9 acts automatically Safe in particular order base on the announcement:

1. Cyrus Villanueva
2. Big T
3. Jimmy Davis
4. Georgia Denton
5. Mahalia Simpson
6. Louise Adams
7. Natalie Conway
8. In Stereo
9. Michaela Baranov

Bottom 2 acts are The Fisher Boys and Jess & Matt both from Guy Sebastian’s Groups category.

The Fisher Boys choose to sing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon as their survival song while Jess & Matt perform “Fall at Your Feet” by Crowded House.

The Fisher Boys performance

Jess & Matt performance

Judges Votes:
-Dannii votes to evict The Fisher Boys
-James votes to evict The Fisher Boys
-Chris votes for evict The Fisher Boys

At the end of the show, The Fisher Boys eliminated and the 10th act still part of next week Live Show is Jess & Matt.

Next week is more nerve wracking as the Top10 will face the double elimination!

Comment below of what you think about the results and Share this post! Thank You!


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