Before we’ll find out who among the 7 eliminated models will come back, let us first recap the previous episodes / photo shoots of America’s Next Top Model Guys & Girls Cycle 22.

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Episode 3 : The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out
(Nude and bound together in pairs)
Original Airdate: August 19, 2015
In this episode the models are paired for a portrait shoot in which they will be bound together by different objects.

Ashley Score 32.2 | Devin Score 36.0 (Barbed Wire)
02 Justin (Runner-up) & 06 Mame
Mame Score 33.0 | Justin Score 35.5 (Computer Cords)
03 Lacey & 07 Bello
Bello Score 32.3 | Lacey Score 34.7 (Chains)
04 Mikey & 09 Courtney
MikeyScore 34.5 | Courtney Score 30.7 (Hair)
05 Ava & 13 Stefano (Bottom2-Saved)
Ava Score 33.3 | Stefano Score 26.3 (Christmas Lights)
10 Hadassah & 12 Dustin
Hadassah Score 30.1 | Dustin Score 29.5 (Skinny Belts)
11 Nyle & 14 Delanie (Bottom2-Eliminated)
Delanie Score 26.0 | Nyle Score 30.0 (Ropes)

First call-out: Devin Clark
Bottom two: Delanie Dischert & Stefano Churchill
Eliminated: Delanie Dischert

Episode 4 : The Girl Who Has a Close Shave
(Extreme posing with war veterans)
Original Airdate: August 26, 2015
The theme for the session is to honor war veterans whilst engaging in extreme couture posing.

First call-out: Ava Capra

01 Ava (FCO)
Ava Score 28.5 (FCO)
02 Mikey (Runner-up)
Mikey Score 28.3 (Runner-up)
03 Bello
Bello Score 27.6
04 Devin
Devin Score 26.9
05 Courtney
Courtney Score 26.7
06 Justin
Justin Score 26.0
07 Nyle
Nyle Score 26.0
08 Lacey
Lacey Score 25.6
09 Mamé
Mamé Score 25.0
10 Dustin
Dustin Score 23.6
11 Ashley
Ashley Score 22.5

Bottom two: Hadassah Richardson & Stefano Churchill

12 Hadassah(Bottom2-Saved)
Hadassah Score 22.4
13 Stefano (Bottom2-Eliminated)
Stefano Score 22.3

Eliminated: Stefano Churchill

Episode 5 : The Guy Who Gets a Hickey
(Unretouched geometrical sportswear)
Original Airdate: September 2, 2015
The models are styled in futuristic sportswear for a final shot that will be completely unretouched.

First call-out: Lacey Rogers

01 Lacey (FCO)
Lacey Score 37.2 (FCO)
02 Mamé (Runner-up)
Mamé Score 36.1 (Runner-up)
03 Devin
Devin Score 35.4
04 Mikey
Mikey Score 34.7
05 Ashley
Ashley Score 33.0
06 Bello
Bello Score 33.5
07 Nyle
Nyle Score 31.9
08 Ava
Ava Score 31.5
09 Courtney
Courtney Score 31.4
10 Justin
Justin Score 31.4

Bottom two: Hadassah Richardson & Dustin McNeer

11 Hadassah (Bottom2-Saved)
Hadassah Score 30.5
12 Dustin (Bottom2-Eliminated)
Dustin Score 28.4

Eliminated: Dustin McNeer

Episode 6 : The Girl Who Gets Possessed
(Possessed and suspended in mid air)
Original Airdate: September 9, 2015
The models are harnessed in the air as victims of a ‘fashion exorcism’.

First call-out: Nyle DiMarco

01 Nyle (FCO)
Nyle Score 39.7 (FCO)
02 Lacey (Runner-up)
Lacey Score 35.0 (Runner-up)
03 Mamé
Mamé Score 34.5
04 Hadassah
Hadassah Score 33.4
05 Justin
Justin Score 32.9
06 Devin
Devin Score 32.7
07 Ashley
Ashley Score 32.2
08 Mikey
Mikey Score 32.1
09 Bello
Bello Score 31.6

Bottom two: Courtney DuPerow & Ava Capra

10 Courtney (Bottom2-Saved)
Courtney Score 31.3
11 Ava (Bottom2-Eliminated)
Ava Score 29.4

Eliminated: Ava Capra

Episode 7 : The Guy Who Acts a Fool
(Boom Boom Boom deodorant in pairs)
Original Airdate: September 16, 2015
The models are driven to Zuma Beach to meet with Yu Tsai. He explains that they will have to put their acting skills to the test in a sexy commercial where they will be paired off to advertise the fictitious deodorant, Boom Boom Boom.

Ashley 27.2 & Nyle 34.7
Bello 33.7 & Courtney 29.5
Devin 28.4 & Lacey 37.1
Hadassah 30.1 & Justin 31.3
Mamé 35.0 & Mikey 33.1

First call-out: Lacey Rogers
Bottom two: Ashley Molina & Devin Clark
Eliminated: Ashley Molina

Episode 8 : The Girl Who Got All Dolled Up
(Boom Boom Boom deodorant in pairs)
Original Airdate: September 23, 2015
The models are assigned with a different themed doll to personify but Tyra first give them a demonstration on how to portray a life-sized doll. Also, during this episode Tyra shocks everyone by revealing that there will be a double elimination.
00 Tyra

First call-out: Lacey Rogers

01 Lacey (FCO)
Lacey Score 38.5 (FCO)
02 Nyle
Nyle Score 37.2 (Runner-up)
03 Justin
Justin Score 35.8
04 Mikey
Mikey Score 35.7
05 Hadassah
Hadassah Score 34.2
06 Mamé
Mamé Score 31.6

Bottom three: Devin Clark, Bello Sanchez & Courtney DuPerow

07 Devin (Bottom3-Saved)
Devin Score 31.5
08 Bello (Bottom3-Eliminated)
Bello Score 31.0
09 Courtney (Bottom3-Eliminated)
Courtney Score 27.8

Eliminated: Bello Sanchez & Courtney DuPerow

Episode 9 : The Guy or Girl Who Came Back
(Look-alike editorial with dogs)
Original Airdate: October 2, 2015
ANTM Cycle22 continues with an all new Friday time slot. In this episode the models attend go-sees at modeling agencies and they are asked to pick an eliminated model to be their partner. They are also told that one of the 7 eliminated model will return to the house to take the place of whomever is sent home.

Lacey gets to choose first and takes Stefano. Nyle takes Delanie. Justin takes Dustin. Mikey takes Ashley. Hadassah takes Ava. Mamé take Courtney. Bello is picked last and his hurt about it. He calls the others frauds and that puts him with Devin.

They have three hours to go see four go-sees and the pair comes back late will be disqualified in the challenge. Everyone is clock watching and dealing with traffic but only Mame and Courtney has been disqualified in the challenge. At the end being able to booked three out of four, Hadassah won the challenge and wins an LA Fashion Week runway gig and some fashions.

Next day, the models meet with Yu Tsai for a photo shoot with a dogs that shares features with them. During the elimination, Tyra has one photo to represent the eliminated player that will return then started to call one by one the name of the model who will be sent out. check their photo below:

B 07 Ashley
Ashley Score 27.1 (Sent Out)
B 06 Delanie
Delanie Score 30.5 (Sent Out)
B 05 Bello
Bello Score 30.6 (Sent Out)
B 04 Courtney
Courtney Score 32.5 (Sent Out)
B 03 Ava
Ava Score 34.0 (Sent Out)

It’s Stefano and Dustin in the top two. Stefano is sent home and Justin is back in the house.

B 02 Stefano
Stefano Score 35.0 (Sent Out)
B 01 Dustin (ComeBack)
Dustin Score 35.1 (Come Back Photo)

On the hard, Tyra first called Nyle as the Best Photo for the week.

A 01 Nyle (FCO)
Nyle Score 39.0 (FCO)
A 02 Hadassah
Hadassah Score 36.6 (Runner-up)
A 03 Lacey
Lacey Score 36.4
A 04 Mamé
Mamé Score 32.9
A 05 Mikey
Mikey Score 32.4

Bottom two: Devin Clark & Justin Kim

A 06 07 Devin (Bottom2-TBA)
A 06 07 Justin (Bottom2-TBA)

Justin and Devin are the last two and one of them will go together with Tyra and others in Vegas trip.

Who do you think deserve a chance? Devin, who has been in the bottom for 2 consecutive weeks or Justin who got in the bottom for the first time? Find it out Next Week!

Next Week’s Trailer… The Girl Who Became Bootyful

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