Mason Noise  who wowed the judges with his version of Justin Timberlake’s Senorita during the X Factor UK 2015 Audition has been kicked off in the competition after complaining he wasn’t on screen for long enough.

Taking to the stage for the dreaded 6 Chairs Challenge of the competition, the 21-year-old waiter pleaded with the audience to film him on their phones so more people would see his performance and he also invited another singer up to perform his medley with him, despite being a contestant in the solo boys category.

Unfortunately for him, that didn’t go down well with show boss Simon, who took him to task live and in front of the cameras and 4,000 screaming fans.

He blasted the hopeful, saying: “What gives you the right to come on stage and insult my show and staff? If you don’t like it. Leave!”

Mason, however, refused to leave and hit back: “Why is it I only got a forty seven second part on the show when others got ten minute time slots?”

“You’re about five seconds from being thrown off,” answered Simon as Mason continued to complain.

Eventually Simon interrupted his rant, telling him: “Don’t tell me how long you should have on this show. Why don’t you shut up?”

Then he exploded, shouting: “Mason, SHUT IT.”

As the crowd chanted ‘off off off’ and booed, Simon then told him he should apologize to the show’s editors who spent hours editing the programme but Mason had had enough, threw his microphone to the ground, made a rude gesture to the judges and stormed off.

He was then kicked out of the competition with an insider telling the Sun: “It is not often Cowell loses his rag but Mason was asking for it.

“He thought he was above everyone else and even compared himself to Kanye West.”

However, Mason hit back on his Twitter account, claiming: “Lets get it straight. I was told to shut it ‘a**hole’ and leave because I wouldn’t apologize for my opinion. “How is that acceptable in 2015?”

Mason’s firing comes days after he had to apologise for slagging off the show in 2013 and 2014 in a series of tweets.

In November Mason tweeted: ‘How is Cheryl in the music business let alone a judge… #XFactorFrightNight’ after seeing Chezza perform her track I Don’t Care live during an episode.

And in 2013 he tweeted: ‘Some of the judges on X Factor . . .  are like Stevie Wonder judging a painting contest,’ before adding: ‘Bring back good music. Not laughing at people, pointless entertainment #xfactor.’

An insider told The Sun: “Mason is absolutely devastated that his messages, particularly the ones about Cheryl, have come to light after his first audition success.

“When he wrote them he had no idea that he’d be standing in front of her just a year later and he is mortified about the things he said then.

“He knows full well that this could affect his chances at boot camp, especially because Cheryl was the judge so firmly in his corner before this. The other judges and the bosses won’t be happy either.”

In another tweet he branded the show “pointless” and also said: “Xfactor tonight. Like the industry isn’t bad enough.”


Below are Mason Noise Journey in X Factor UK 2015:



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