Week 14: On Day 93, housemates underwent an endurance test to determine the nominees for this week. Jameson, Mikee, Richard, and Roger were the last four standing, and therefore safe from eviction. They chose one housemate from the remaining nominees to save from eviction; they chose Dawn. OnDay 94, the boys and girls were separated for their weekly task. The boys were sent to another part of the House, while the girls remained. On Day 95, during a live show, Jameson met with his father for a 100-second encounter. -source Wikipedia

In Day 98, The four nominated housemates (Miho, Tommy, Zeus and Margo) faced the public vote and at the end of the show Margo was evicted in the Big Brother House after receiving the lowest votes from the public of 11.27%. Miho got the highest votes of 49.37% while Tommy got 26.82% and Zeus got 12.54%.

Z 00

Z 01 Z 02 Z 03 Z 04


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