The semifinalists pose semi-nude with personalized hashtags in a shoot for the season’s promotional poster. That same night the judges deliberate on the photos from the shoot before deciding who will make the top fourteen.

In the morning, Yu Tsai and Miss Jay meet the models at the Long Beach Shipyard to announce that the contestants will face one last challenge before learning whether or not they’ve made the final cut. The models will take part in a fashion show three stories in the air, walking across shipping containers before walking off the edge of the runway. Those who are harnessed across to the other side will become finalists, while those who are lowered to the ground will be eliminated.

Below are the Top14 Models

Mamé Adjei and Michael “Mikey” Heverly
Ava Capra and Nyle DiMarco
Dustin McNeer and Ashley Molina
Devin Clark and Delanie Dischert
Hadassah Richardson and Justin Kim
Stefano Churchill and Lacey Rogers
Bello Sánchez and Courtney DuPerow

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